Problem with my Video graphic accelerator

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I bought a PC with Asus motherboard which has also a built-in VGA and Sound card. It's been two years already since i been using the built VGA. then one day suddenly my PC got a black screen.

Thinking it was just some virus infected my pc  i reformat and install the important drivers like the VgA, chipset, sound, and others.  Then after finish installing everything and restart my PC and when i check my screen i notice that my VGA driver wasn't correctly installed   because my screen is still too much lag. So i decided to install the driver for VGA but i got some message

Previous Drivers Found

Previous nForce Ethernet drivers have been detected. To ensure proper installation of the new drivers, it is necessary to uninstall the current drivers. After the system restarts, the installation of the new nForce drivers will begin automatically. Please save any data and exit any programs before continuing. 

Click Yes to uninstall or No to exit Setup.

Yes     No

Does this mean i have installed right?

So anyone can suggest what wrong with my VGA is it the device or the driver.. 

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Problem with my Video graphic accelerator


The good news is there is absolutely nothing wrong with your video hardware nor your video driver. Some driver installers routinely check for old versions of their drivers and notify the user if they find an older version. The message you posted means the installer is just asking for confirmation whether you are sure you want to uninstall the currently installed drivers and install the latest one.

Press Yes and it will remove the old version and install the new one. Press No and the installation will stop. Note that some people prefer to uninstall the old drivers manually to ensure that all traces of the old driver are removed before proceeding with the installation of a new driver. Good luck.

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Problem with my Video graphic accelerator


You can check your VGA card and your VGA card performance by two ways i will tell you both of two ways to configure your VGA.

First thing is go to you device manager and under general tab check this message.

Also check for your VGA card for free of any error in this way.

  • First go to START and click on RUN.
  • In run window type dxdiag and press enter.
  • Under this new window go to display tab.
  • Here you will see all of your drivers properties and then select one of your choice.
  • Perform all test to your card and make sure VGA is working fine.

As i have shown here.

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