Problem with linksys wireless G router

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Hi all,

I´ve just got a Linksys wireless G router which has made my life hell since I configured it according to instructions on the net a little while back.

I can usually easily detect a network signal but when I connect using an Acer laptop which uses Vista it will not connect. I tried connecting using a friend’s laptop and that didn´t work either but when I connect using a cable instead of wireless it connects fine, which is no good because I need wireless options.

I have tried rebooting the router and thought I would go back to the factory settings.

After resetting it still won´t connect so I really am stuck now, can anyone help me?

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Problem with linksys wireless G router


Hello there,

This problem is not an easy fix, but I will try to help you. As the first solution I think that you should roam around the internet and download the correct driver for your router. Enter the specific name and model of your router and try downloading the correct software, then restart the whole PC and reconnect the router.

If this doesn't work, ask your neighbours for Wi-Fi connections, it may be possible that you are under the influence of someone`s network. As a third solution, I would suggest a new router. It also can be fixed with a new Wireless Access Point, that you must connect to your router. If none of this works, contact me again.


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Problem with linksys wireless G router



Go to main setup page of your router settings.

Now select "Internet Connection Type"

Convert it to "Obtain IP Automatically – DHCP"

Apply and save settings.

Now drag mouse to sub tab and click on "MAC address clone".

Click enable option and save settings.

Check WAN IP on the status page of your router.

If IP is valid try to connect.

If not then Power Cycle for 4-5 minutes.

Again check IP it will be valid by then!

Hope it works!!

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