Mac to my school´s Windows Server 2003 network

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Hey all,

Today was a good day I joined a Mac to my school´s Windows Server 2003 network and was quite proud of myself. That is until I logged in as a test student and found that a pupil had access to all the other student's files and some other important locations on the computer.

Test student obviously shouldn´t have these and was specifically designed not to have any access  but it seems that they could access to their peer´s directories as well and some folders that seem to be private. This is not a problem with the other PCs. 

Any ideas what is wrong?

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Mac to my school´s Windows Server 2003 network



If this is what happened after logging in with your program, the problem is probably with the other students’ that were connected to the school. It’s possible that their configuration was not checked thoroughly that will prevent other students from accessing their own computers. It’s possible that they are not aware of this problem.

The fact that you can see and access their computers’ resources or files then it would also be possible that the same thing is happening with your computer’s own resources. Other students probably can also browse through the contents of your machine. If this is the case, you better check the program’s security feature so you can prevent other students from accessing your files.

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