A problem installing living world wallpaper samsung download.

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Hello techyv,

A problem installing living world wallpaper Samsung download. I think the file that I downloaded from the internet was corrupted before it reaches my mobile phone with android os. When I tried to open the file it crashed and did not respond anymore. What should I do to prevent the virus from spreading?

Expecting some help from you guys.

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A problem installing living world wallpaper samsung download.


Hello Daniel,

I can think of two ways to rectify this.

  • If it's a virus, and you are sure the file you downloaded was saved in your phones memory card. Then here's what you need to do;
  1. Plug your phone's cable to your phone and into your computer.Your phone's monitor should be prompted to connect your phone's memory card to the computer. connect it.
  2. When connected. DO NOT OPEN YOUR PHONE CARD's DIRECTORY DRIVE(Example: Phone Card (F:)).Because there's a big chance that your computer might be infected depending on how strong the virus is.
  3. Fire up your computer's favorite anti virus and scan the Phone Card's Directory Drive.
  4. The virus now should be detected and eventually deleted.
  • If it's not a virus you may consider removing it inside using the computer the application itself. Just connect your phone to your computer and manually delete the said file there.

Hope this helps.

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