Problem with installing Excel 2003

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I've used nLite 1.4.5 to strain my Windows 2003 SP1 down making sure not to remove anything that would cause problems with installing Excel 2003 afterwards

Unfortunately I'm getting this error:

“Error 1919. Error configuring ODBC data source. MS Access Database, ODBC error 13: could not load the setup or translator library. Verify that the file MS Access Database exists and that you can access it.”

Can someone tell me what's required (components) is in Windows to allow ODBC Excel 2003 to install and work?

I've made sure MDAC is installedreinstalled and if I use a FULL Windows 2003 Server CD it works fine.


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Problem with installing Excel 2003



Hi Vivian R Simpson,

The error message occurs for the cause of a corrupted registry. By fixing registry we can easily handle the error. You should just follow some step to solve this error. Here's the solution for your problem-

1.       You must use registry subkeys from other computers then

2.       Click on “Ctrl + r”

3.       Fill up the box with “Regedit”

4.       Export this directory:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ODBC

5.       Open the registry editor in which PC is giving errors and exported file just import here.

Once it's done successfully with you then I think it will not give error next time.

Thank you

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Problem with installing Excel 2003



Dear user,
Follow these steps for your guidance:
1) Firstly, open Microsoft Windows Explorer, then double-click on the file Mdac_typ.exe, which will start the MDAC Setup.
2) Now, restart the computer.
3) Open Windows Explorer, now click on the file Jet40SP3_Comp.exe which will start Jet 4.0 Setup.
4) Now, restart the computer again and log back on using your administrative credentials.
Hope this will help you.
Thank you.
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Problem with installing Excel 2003


Dear Vivian R Simpson,

This is a technical problem. It has two reasons behind it. 

Dear you are running an other installation so that the office 2003 is showing the error.

First close all installations, then run Microsoft Office 2003 installation.

If you see that the problem is same.

The other thing is that your setup file is damaged and unreadable.

Get a new source of Microsoft office 2003 and try to install.

Click this link and download the office from microsoft website.


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Problem with installing Excel 2003


Although there are too many reasons for this error message but the most important is that one registry key is missing and to fix this error, you will have to replace the key. You will have to follow this procedure:

You will have to install the most important MDAC from the following link:

When the installation is done successfully,restart the PC. I hope your problem will be resolved.

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Problem with installing Excel 2003


Hi Vivian,

Before installing any software, please make sure you login to the system as an administrator as limitations might be set by admin.

Make sure your antivirus software doesn't block system to install new software.

Talking about this problem, please make sure your software package contains all files and no files are missing or corrupted.

Please grab a fresh copy from your provider and try reinstalling software again.

Make sure your Operating System and its service pack support application you want to install.

Restart your system and then try installing again.

Before installing any trusted software disable temporary your antivirus software.

Hope these solutions work for your problem.



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