Where is the “calculated field” option in Excel 2007

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Good day Folks!


I recently updated my MS-OFFICE from 2003 to 2007. I am working on my excel sheet and I found out that Microsoft re-arrange the Menus. I did a pivot table and I can't find the "calculated field" in 2007. In MS Excel 2003, it is located by going to "insert>calculated field.


Your help is highly appreciated.

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Where is the “calculated field” option in Excel 2007



Hope this will help, I have a similar problems regarding that before, Excel 2007 is really different from  2003, the graphics, the settings and commands, but if you will practice it more, I promise you that it will be an easy one.

Please follow these steps regarding calculated field.

1. Select cell in the Pivot Table report, select insert > pivot table (you will see this in tables group) >pivot table  tools > options > formula (you'll see in tools group) > formulas > calculated  field.

2. Then in insert calculated field  dialog box, type the formula name in the name box, in the fields list box, select the first field name is copied into the formula box.  type the divider: / (in this example) repeat step 4 to insert the second field into the formula, and then click Ok.

Hope this will help. Good luck!

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