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Hello, my problem is that:i can't import any videos which i filmed by my cell phone to after effects

and i tried to change the format to mp4 but nothing is happened

I hope for the one who has a background on the subject or knows what the solution help me


After Effects

After Effects error: Can't import file "05032011004.mp4":unsupported

filetype or extension:


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Hi Clementine,

This is actually a compatibility issue. There's no assurance that MP4 will always work with After Effects because,  Some MPEG data formats are stored in container formats with filename extensions that are not recognized by After Effects; examples include .vob and .mod. In some cases, you can import these files into After Effects after changing the filename extension to one of the recognized filename extensions. Because of variations in implementation in these container formats, compatibility is not guaranteed. What you can do is to try to convert the video to another format, such as, FLV or AVI. If the problem still persist, you can refer to this website Download Link for more information on how to resolve this issue.

Hope this helps. Have a great day.