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Hi experts,

I created some videos which are 1280X720(16:9), 24f, the TV channel require PAL DV 25/f (4:3), I tried to export from Adobe Premiere with the preset DV 25.

But there is delay in the sound and video. 

Can you help me? Thanks

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You can try saving your video with 1280 x 720 screen dimension on 24 fps then just convert it to PAL format on 25 fps. But I’m not sure if the final output will look great since its dimension was reduced.

There are many applications in the internet that you can download to convert your video to your desired screen resolution output. You can try downloading the video converters from I'm too at The site has plenty of video converter tools that will surely help you convert your project.

If you don’t want to convert it, I think the best result would be to do the project again from the start using the video application you previously used and this time, be sure to set the right output format.

Sharath Reddy