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I have new Samsung star 3 from my friend. I was impressed because at first this is good. But on the following day I found difficulty in its screen I can  make it into fill screen mode. I tried to find the menu but I was I afraid  maybe the setting is the problem. 

Some one please help me with this.

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First before you buy a unit or any phones or gadgets you should check first the General specification, features, especially if it's a touch screen unit. Don't ever look at the physical appearance only of course at first it has a good impression Always check first the settings, the programs, or if the phone was open line to all networks or not.

The Samsung Star 3 has sensitive problem especially the touch screen. For the optimal use of the touch screen remove the protection film before using your phone. The touch screen has a layer that detects small electrical charges emitted by the human body. For the best performance touch the touch screen with your finger tip. The touch screen will not react to touches of sharp tools such as stylus or pen.