Microsoft Entourage 2008 For MAC Hangs And Stops Responding In Between.

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On starting to use the Microsoft Entourage for Mac, the program either hangs or stops responding and a persistent spinning wheel appears that doesn’t go unless “End task” operates. What can I do to overcome this problem?

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Microsoft Entourage 2008 For MAC Hangs And Stops Responding In Between.


Resolving this is easy. First of all create a new user account, and restart Entourage for MAC using this account. If the problem still exists, then you can follow these simple steps:

Long press the SHIFT key to prevent the program from sending/receiving messages while starting. Double-click the Entourage icon and start the program.
If problem persists, you must now reset the Entourage preferences file by restoring the Entourage to its default settings. You need to remove all the preference files from the Preference folder. This can be done by quitting all Microsoft Office applications.

Then, from the Go menu, click Home and open Library. Make sure you are holding down the OPTION key while opening the Go menu. Then open Preferences and to the desktop drag the following files:

You can skip this step if Entourage is using default preferences. Rename the Microsoft User Data folder and test the program. If the problem still continues to show up, try changing the name of the Microsoft User Data folder to Microsoft User Data_Old, open Documents, highlight Microsoft User Data and re-verify Entourage.

If the program starts, the problem was with the Microsoft User Data Entourage database that must have been solved now.

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