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Hello Everyone,

I am having some problem in downloading software from the internet. Whenever I try to open the download file or click run, an error message appears as “the file is corrupt, damaged, missing, damaged media or incomplete download” The same problem occurs as well when updating the latest version of Norton Antivirus. Can someone help me fix this problem? Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance

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Your downloaded software file is possibly affected by virus, that is why error message is appears. You also tell that the same problem occurs when updating the latest version of Norton Antivirus. Generally for virus problem the error message is appears in software file.

You are using Norton antivirus. Sometimes Norton antivirus shows some problems also. So first you uninstall the Norton antivirus, and then try to download a software file.

If there still showing problem, then you try to install windows again & then download an antivirus & scan the computer. I hope it will be ok.

Thank you.

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I can give 3 solutions to the problem whichever works.

1. If the same is happening when done with all the updates, then you have the solution. Just buy a latest antivirus of Kaspersky and then you shall find quarantined viruses.

2. If it is happening with only one type of file, then check the file properties. The file in the server is itself corrupt. You may report the problem to the site support.

3. Check downloading it to another computer. If it downloads successfully, then try coping it to your machine using a pendrive or something. If this copying does not fail and file is OK then you need to reinstall the browser and update a latest antivirus for preventing future problems.

The best Solution is try LINUX operating systems.