Problem with Dev Suite installation

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Hi experts,

I had a problem. Here, Dev Suite installation started very well but when it reached 16 of 18 steps, then showed a 'Wrong Volume" error message saying it wanted DVD #1 in place of #3. When I connect DVD #1 and switch 'retry', immediately it threw the similar error message again, but then asked for DVD #3.

When the 2nd disk swap, then the set up proceeded, just to show the similar sequence of error when beginning to set up the next component. It produced the error in my case were somehow it caused my antivirus, which I'd ignored to disable through the install.

Hint of the key was the heading on the error occur: 'avgrsx.exe' is a part of my AVG software (antivirus). When I tried to disable this antivirus, the rest of the installation carried on without any interruption. I need a solution. Please help me.






avgrsx.exe – Wrong Volume

The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume 2012DS1DVD1_ENG into drive D:.

                                  Cancel      Try Again        Continue

Thanks a lot.

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Problem with Dev Suite installation



The possible cause of this error is about your computer antivirus. When you are doing things like installing, copying, you might need to consider your antivirus settings. So if you are doing those kinds of things, you need to set things alright.

Here in your case, the cause of the error is avgrsx.exe, which is component of AVG antivirus software. So if you want your installation to proceed without this interruption, just disabled your AVG antivirus for a while then try again the installation, if you finished your installation you can now enable it again. There are some cases also that you need to disable your anti virus. Just make sure that you are doing safe things.

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Problem with Dev Suite installation


The file that you are trying to locate is definitely not in the DVD 3, means it is either of the first two DVDs that have the file.

  1. First insert DVD 1 to see if it can find the file from it. If it does not, then proceed below.
  2. Now use the DVD 2. If it still fails then go next.
  3. Cancel the installation and see if the file is actually present on either of the DVDs or not.
  4. Sometimes its bad written DVDs from the market that cause all this fuss and the file might not be even on the DVDs and it is giving you the error. Check this and change the DVDs if necessary.

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