Problem in BANGLA writing in PowerPoint 03

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I have been using my Office 2003 software for a long time. It’s pretty good and comfortable. It’s not so much critical like the new Office software.

I use to make slideshow with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Maximum time I made slideshow in English fonts. Last night I supposed to make a slideshow in Bangla Language.

I use Bijoy 2000 for Bangla Language typing in Microsoft Word 2003. I have not ever tried that in PowerPoint. Last night when I tried to write Bangla in PowerPoint, I got a serious problem.

The problem is- when I try to write a common word, it becomes an unknown word. I mean, when I type an alphabet my PC types two alphabets at the same time.

Between the two alphabets, first one is showing as I press its key and the second one is being shown another alphabet that’s key on the keyboard I have not pressed yet.

I mean to say that, If I press any one alphabet on the keyboard, PowerPoint tips two alphabets at the same time. So it becomes wrong word. I tried several steps to solve this problem.

First of all I uninstalled and reinstalled my Office 2003 with no luck. Secondly, I re-install the software (Bijoy) through which I can type Bangla my PC. But I failed to make this OK. I use Sutonny, a Bangla writing font, for my Bangla typing.

Please, anybody help me to solve this problem. I got to make a Presentation in Bangla as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

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Problem in BANGLA writing in PowerPoint 03



It is a problem with the version of Bijoy you are using. It is a very old version and has known compatibility issues with new software like Office 2003, 2007, 2010, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also does not support Unicode Typing.

To solve your problem you need at least Bijoy Bayanno 2010. Normally it is not available for legal download. It can be only purchased from Ananda computer shops in Bangladesh and their affiliates in India. Contact information can be found here.

You can download an extended and more expensive package of Bijoy called Bijoy Ekushey from here, but you need to contact Ananda computers for the License key.

Or else, you can try using an alternate software. It is called Avro and can be found here. It is open source, therefore free, much more rich in features and no known compatibility issues.

Only drawback is it's Bangla keyboard layout is little different than Bijoy. If you are not too much used to the Bijoy layout you can use Avro very easily as it has features like phonetic keyboard or type with the mouse which is very easy to use.

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Problem in BANGLA writing in PowerPoint 03



Thanks for your posting. Bijoy 2000 does not match with Power Point 2003. I faced same problem few days ago. It’s pretty good if you use Bijoy 52 or Bijoy Ekushey.

These both Bijoy versions are compatible with any version of MS office. However, if you want to use MS office 2003 & you must want to use Bijoy 2000 there have another solution. I think your not facing same problem with MS Word.

1st, open MS word 2003 & type Bangla with Bijoy 2000.

MS word 2003 & type Bangla with Bijoy 2000

2nd, typing data paste into MS PowerPoint 2003 as text.

3rd, Change paste fonts to Suttonny or another Bangla font into MS PowerPoint 2003.

Microsoft Powerpoint bengali Presentation

I hope you will get solution & start coming project.


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