Problem while Backing up drive!

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I am backing up my Mac Pro to a backup server (a Power PC G4). Both are running OS X 10.5.4. The version of Retrospect is 6.1.23 and the client is 6.2.222. The backup server says that the client is "responding,",  but I continue to get the "Waiting for backup media" message over the past 24 hours. There is a lock icon on the drive that I want to back up.

My "Duplication" scripts work fine. Only the Backup Server script is problematic. It worked fine for a couple of years. I've no idea what caused it to stop. I’m backing up to “Removable Disks. ” via Fire wire.
If I visit configure->Devices:
  •    Under "Devices," all four of my fire wire external hard drives show up with the note "Content unrecognized."
  •    If I click "Device Status," the only "Currently visible devices" seems to be the CD drive.
What might be the problem? And more importantly, the solution? Any help would be appreciated!


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Problem while Backing up drive!


When you see an "SCSI error", it means there was a hardware level error, and fsck won't fix it, but may make the problem worse. Since your primary disk is still working, it's most likely the secondary disk that is failing. Disable your firewall, that will help you access your file and try to repair it using check disk so that it will work again.

If you don't repair them, then just replace them. Don't bother trying to save it, replace the disk now. There's a very little chance that the cable or controller would be bad, and only affect the second disk. You may not be able to get an exact replacement, but since this is just a backup disk, get something that's similar in specifications and around the same price.

Hope this will help you.

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Problem while Backing up drive!


The drive is then taken home, and we have the advantage of a "live" backup, in that every file is copied intact, no compression, no tape, etc. We can simply attach the removable drive to either the server or any desktop, and access the files using explorer.

Here's our dilemma – because these are removable drives, before disconnecting them, we click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray, and wait for the message that it is now safe to remove the drive. Since upgrading, we've been unable to get this message, and instead the action brings up a dialog box telling us that the disk cannot be removed at this time because another program is accessing it. We've turned off indexing, changed the settings so that we wouldn't have to use the Safely Remove Hardware setting, etc., but I'm still a little squeamish about just disconnecting the drive after getting that message.
Our choices are to either reboot the server, and remove the disk while the server is down, or just pull the plug on the backup drive. I've done the latter, and conducted lots of testing on the date without finding any corruption. Hope this will help you.

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