Problem installing Windows 7 on Crucial SSD

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I am encountering a problem when installing Windows 7 64-bit on my brand new 64GB Crucial SSD. I wasn’t able to format it during the installation process because it never gives me the opportunity to do so. Instead of 10 minutes as what others would say the average time when installing SSD drives, it took me about 20 minutes to finish installing it. The weird thing is that, when the installation is done, the disk’s used size is a staggering 50GB used space and it shows as an NTFS format. I only have 10GB of free space. I checked the file size of all the folders installed and it’s only 11GB, which is the normal size after Windows 7 installation. Is it Windows that is not recognizing or misrepresenting the size of the disk? As shown in the control panel, the diskfragment wasn’t disabled and another SSD drive that is identical is not recognized by Windows Explorer, which is an implication that there’s no proper  driver for  SSD disk in Windows. I found this weird because windows 7 installation was already available before SSD drive became popular. It would be sounds weirder that there’s no generic driver for SSD in windows. What should I do? I need help please.

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Problem installing Windows 7 on Crucial SSD



You can try to do a low-level format on your drive to prepare it for installation for Windows 7. You can do this by following this guide here. Also after completing this task set your BIOS to run your SSD in ACHI mode. Then try installing Windows 7 again. It should properly install now. Windows 7 does have generic drivers for SSDs and this problem may be credited for Windows not properly loading the driver from its install disk. I also suggest you clean your optical drive to make sure that it can read your install disk properly. Also check if your installation disk if it has any blemishes on the surface. A scratch or dust particles on the DVD may prevent proper installation.

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