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When adding the HP Procurve MSM Controller to Guest Management Software v5.4, it showed an error message "Certificates could not be retrieved.............". The message is attached here:

I’ll appreciate the attempts to help me resolving this issue.

Thanks a lot.


Certificates could not be retrieved from the Service Controller. Nmake sure that the SOAP TCP port settings match on both the Service Centroller and GMS.

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Very often this type of error occurs in a computer. But there have a way for regarding this issues. Here following the solution for you:

  • The error message shows you to ensure the matching between Service Controller, GMS and the settings of SOAP TCP port. So at first you should reset your SOAP TCP port settings. So click on Service Controller and then select Management then selectSOAP. Now you will get a window as the name of SOAP server configuration
  • Now check your internet port and IP address correctly. You should check mark internet port after all the process done.

Hope your problem will solve.