The priority processes and threads on windows XP

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How does the operating system will distribute the CPU time between threads, and allocated some CPU time including the flow of the thread's priority, as well as stops execution of the primary flow of the process?

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The priority processes and threads on windows XP


Hello Vvdobryakov,

Operating System will distribute the allocated sequential flow of a program and controls by executing currently and executed in the memory space and it's shared data. It has this program that does all this.

This may encounter potential bugs when the allocated memory space miss configured on how the program should work but if the settings are set correctly, then it'll run perfectly and beautifully. But doing thread may helpful in several reasons. It exploit the processor to do multi-tasking and can run in a single program and device the work on a different processor.

I have here a website that might help to better understand your inquiry. See link below:

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