Printing Setup using Linux Platform

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I am doing some porting of an application. I want to change it from Super base to Real Basic. The changing was successful but when I tried printing a report, it cannot print. I am using a 64 bit arch Linux and it has multilib version installed. I have a KDE 4.6 Desktop Environment application and I also have a Real Studio 2010r5.1 software.

I designed a report and when I tried to print it out, it could not print. I am using a laser printer and I think it’s having a compatibility problem with the GNOME application. I had an Open office application some time before and it used to work properly with this kind of setup. I don’t know why Real basic can’t work. I tried using my Virtual PDF printer using CUPS backed application and it printed the Report. Its DPI is very low.

I tried to set the Horizontal resolution up to 300, and then 600 but there was no change. Can you please help me solve this problem? How is printing supposed to be done using a Linux kind of platform?


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Printing Setup using Linux Platform


The first probable cause of that problem is that the operating that you are using is having compatibility issues with the printer. You will need to check the user manual and see if it has been indicated that the printer cannot work of the Linux platform that you have installed on your computer.

You will also need to check that the printer drivers have been installed and they are working properly. The printer might be fine but if its drivers that are required by that Linux platform are missing then that will be the reason as to why it is not able to work. Some other basic things that you will need to check are the network settings; make sure that the computer that you are using has the settings configured properly.

-Richard Gabriel


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