Keeps on showing exclamation point with Aorus X3 Plus

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I just recently bought this laptop. I tried to plug in an external sound card for this and it didn’t work. I uninstalled properly the internal sound card for it. Properly installed the external sound card but nothing happens. I tried to uninstall also the sound card and install it again, the same problem. What could be causing this issue? Can you provide me resolution for this problem? Can you provide me also alternative solutions to permanently resolve it?

Please guide me.

Thank you very much

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Keeps on showing exclamation point with Aorus X3 Plus


Hello Marco!

So after multiple installs and uninstalls your sound card still doesn’t work. Let’s try this one more time we must be missing something here according to your description. Before anything else, please disable and or uninstall the sound card built-in within your laptop. Why? The laptop will be confused which one will be the first card to use. However, computers nowadays will recognize PCI soundcards and or external soundcards as the primary device to use. We just want to make it sure that nothing is conflicting with your device.

1.       Right click to My Computer >> Manage >> from the left pane, select Device Manager >> from the middle pane select Sound, video and game controllers. Expand that part and right click with “High Definition Audio Device”, select “Uninstall”. It is simple to follow the on-screen guide. Look for the folder of the external soundcard from “C:/Program Files/Manufacturer’s name or the model of external sound card and internal sound card”, please delete it to make it a sure clean install.

2.       You need to restart your laptop every time you uninstall any device or vice-versa.

So we’re done with uninstall of your sound card, as of this moment no Windows’ chime or pointer sound. Let’s continue with the installation of external sound card.

1.       Connect it through your laptop. The laptop will automatically search for device driver.

2.       At this moment it is better to insert your installation cd to make it faster.

3.       Wait until you finish the installation. Restart your computer again.

4.       Update your USB driver by going to device manager to My Computer >> Manage >> from the left pane, select Device Manager >> Universal Serial Bus Controller >> right click on each one and select “Update Driver Software.”

5.       Please do so with the external sound card to make sure that you cover all the gaps. If this soundcard is incompatible with your laptop better find a patch or simple fixes in the web.

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Keeps on showing exclamation point with Aorus X3 Plus


Your laptop has a built-in soundcard that’s why you don’t need to install an extra soundcard. Without connecting the external soundcard, try playing a music file on your laptop and see if you hear a sound. You should hear the music playing if your built-in soundcard is installed properly. In case you don’t hear anything during playback that means your internal soundcard is not installed.

Check the setup CD or the driver CD that came with your laptop and look for the installer for your laptop’s soundcard. Run the installer to install the soundcard. If you hear the music playing then it is possible that your external soundcard conflicts with the internal soundcard or the built-in soundcard that’s why it doesn’t install. Remember, you don’t need to use an external USB soundcard if your built-in soundcard is perfectly working.

An external USB soundcard that is available in the market today is best used if your computer doesn’t have a soundcard inside or you don’t want to use an internal soundcard. If you want to use or test the external USB soundcard, uninstall your laptop’s internal soundcard from the Device Manager and then install the external USB soundcard.

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