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I was printing some documents, it was already in the process while the printer error incur as shown in the screenshot below:

Canon MP250 series Printer - USB001

Print data cannot be sent because of the current printer status.

Check that the printer is connected and the power is on.

If an error has occurred in the printer, clear the error.

Even when the printer is operating correctly, this message may appear if the printer is taking a long time to perform an operation.

If this message does not disappear after some time, stop printing , and then print again.

Cancel Printing

A message pop out give me the choice to cancel my printing. I hit the cancel printing, but it’s not working it get stock.  I was worried ‘bout my printer It might be broke or else.  I wait for a couple of minute and those window of errors disappears, and the paper jam on my printer outs..

How could I prevent my printer from such error like this? My printer is cannon MP250, and I’m using windows 7.

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Printer is no doubt a very useful output device but sometimes it indulges us in a very critical situation while we try to print some data and it denies by showing some error messages. As for the error you mentioned is very common one and it is generally occurred while printing a very, very heavy file. It does not depend on your printer it relies on the memory of the system. It seems to be that you are trying to print a very heavy file or particularly an image file which is not sustainable in the memory for a longer period  and system can not send it to print. I suggest you to re-join all the data cables of your printer, close all programs running in the system tray and then try to print.

Hope it solves the matter.