Print error in MS Word

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When I try to print a Microsoft Word document file, an error message appears and says that there is a problem processing the document.  Please find below the screenshot of the message for your reference.

Could anyone help me to solve this error please?  The matter is quite urgently because I have to submit the report before tomorrow morning.

Thank you very much. Your help is highly appreciated.


Print error

There was a problem processing document ‘Untitled1’ (jib 9).

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Print error in MS Word


Hello, Leroy! Don't be upset. You may be suffered from corrupt of your document as well as your print option may be damaged. In case of your PC's virus affection can lead this type of issue. After all, you have to scan your PC and check the plug of your printer. I think you will be able to identify issue. It's not critical issue. Try it!

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Print error in MS Word




Hello Leroy

There are a lot of issues that cause printing errors in Microsoft word.   Printing errors are caused by damaged documents or damaged content in documents, the Word program itself, the printer driver, the Windows operating system, connectivity or hardware.  To determine the cause of your problem would be very technical for person with no knowledge about the mentioned causes. 

However, please try the following as your first step in solving your problem.  Sometimes, this may solve your problem especially if the cause is memory related:

1.     Save your document first and close the Microsoft Word program.

2.     Restart your computer and after restarting, run the Microsoft Word program.  As much as possible don’t run any other programs.

3.     Open your document and try printing again.
Before printing, make sure that your printer is connected to your PC with the power on and the printer that you are sending your document to be printed is the one selected as your printer device.  Also check if your printer has a “Ready” status on the Device and Printers on the Control Panel, otherwise you have to resolve issues on connectivity.


The link below could help you diagnose and solve your problem if the above does not work:

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Print error in MS Word


To avoid the error follow the instructions given below.

First, close MS Word and open it again. You don't have to open a document. Just go to the Tools/Options and choose Print and uncheck "Background Printing" then click the OK button.

Close MS Word and browse the file you want to print by double-clicking on the file. Now try to print the file.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you.

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