Preview application freezes on Mac OS X Lion

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The application Preview is freezing on my iMac running Mac OS X Lion. I have two documents open, and when I try to open another document, the Preview menu bar turns dark, the documents that I already have open appear darker, and there is a spinning, gray wheel in the middle of my screen.

The third document does not open and I cannot choose any of the menu items. When I press Command-Q to quit, nothing happens; the spinning wheel continues to spin. I can switch to another application, and when I come back to Preview, it looks the same. I can switch to Finder and choose Force Quit from the Apple menu, and then it will quit. How do I fix Preview so this doesn’t happen again?

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Preview application freezes on Mac OS X Lion


That issue is occurring probably because the file that you are trying to load is too large and therefore consuming all the system memory and therefore making the computer to freeze. What I will suggest that you do is shut down the computer and leave it for some time like 10 minutes and then turn the system back on and then try running the application again. Make sure that you do not open another application so as to leave enough system memory to be used by that application.

That means that you will have to upgrade the RAM capacity of your computer so as so save yourself some trouble of the computer freezing when you need to run some memory intensive applications like that one.

-Lee Seen

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