Prevention from autorun virus pen drive

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I am a desktop computer user. I am suffering from the most common and irritating virus autorun. My computer is affected by this virus, through the pen drive. When I plug in any pen drive then it automatically starts and then the autorun virus affects my computer from the pen drive.

Is there any way to get a remedy from this virus?

My Antivirus does it, but I don’t think it can remove this virus properly.

Please help me!

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Prevention from autorun virus pen drive


Hello! Dear,

This is a very common virus as you say, but it is harmful too. It is not a simple virus. You can get a remedy from this virus by stopping the auto play of your pen drives. Some CD or DVDs also contains this virus. So it is wise to stop the auto play of all drives, to prevent this virus from attacking your computer.

Let me describe it to you. You need to follow the following steps to do it.

1. First go to Run in your Start menu.
2. Then type gpedit.msc. And press enter to run it.
3. Go to computer configuration and then open the Administrative Templates.
4. Double click on System and open, then turn off Auto Play option. Enable it for all drives.
5. Similarly go to the user configuration and open the Administrative Templates.
6. Open the system to turn off Auto Play option. Enable it for all drives similarly.

This will help your computer to prevent the auto run virus. Let me tell you the path in short:       

Gpedit.msc>>>> Computer Configuration>>>> Administrative Templates>>>> System > turn off Auto Play.
Gpedit.msc>>>> User Configuration>>>>Administrative Templates>>>> System>>>> turn off Auto Play.
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Prevention from autorun virus pen drive



My God!

Atlest i found it.

Same problem having here also. Autorun.inf virus. Whenever i connect my pendrive to my pc, antivirus shows virus notification. but its automatically creating after deleting it. So i decided to disable my autorun option. But don't know where to find the option for deactivating the autorun option.

Mr. Allen Really helped me to solve the problem.And thanks to the and all experts in it.

You guys are great!


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