Need help on my McAfee 2010 software

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I am running my daily Malware Anti-Malware program and had deleted some threats. My antivirus is McAfee Total Protection 2010 and my computer’s operating system is Windows Vista 32bit. After having run that antimalware, I got an error message that says “YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK, CHECK FOR UPDATES.” I just followed what it said so I check my computer for some updates but I found out that my system is updated.

I had tried to submit this case to online McAfee support but I could not get into their website because it is not showing on the screen. My wife and I have the same program installed in our computer and she is having no problem with her antivirus.

I need your help so badly please.

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Need help on my McAfee 2010 software


The 'Your computer is at risk error' occurs when your antivirus database is outdated, but you have already verified that the antivirus is up to date. It should be the anti-malware program that has an outdated database and therefore you will need to update it.

  • Open the Anti-malware program.
  • In the window menu, locate options and then click on it.
  • Choose the check for updates option.
  • Note: You computer should be having internet access since the program will need to go online to search for the latest databases, download them and install them.

Once the Malware Anti-Malware update is over, you will not receive the error message again.

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Need help on my McAfee 2010 software


In McAfee 2010 version of antivirus you need to up date system from the network you require to update it by connecting your computer over a network Once your program is up to date it will run fine. Also you need to check all of these options. You have set your firewall options. Your window is up to date.

You have no virus in your system and your system is working perfectly. Check for any window security alert. If you are using your McAfee firewall then turn off your computer firewall. You need to up date your windows regularly also to met the update requirements. If McAfee shows you some options regarded to your security issue then ignore these issues to solve your problem. And it will show that your computer is fully protected and your problem will be solved.

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Need help on my McAfee 2010 software


Hi Wales, since different programs on different operating system Windows are used, you have to download full McAfee Antivirus instead of updates.  

                       VERIFY DNS SETTING


Follow these instructions.
What is your previous OS and what you are using currently.
1. What are the operating system OSs?
2. Is the computer connected to the internet wireless or using a cable?
3. Any other security software was installed?
4. Did computer infect by any malware?
5. If it is infected by malware before, your DNS settings shall be changed.
6. The name of package (for example: Virus Scan, Total Protection, etc.)
7. Did you change any hardware recently (for example, reformat, system restore etc)
If malware is infecting your computer, you will have to change your DNS settings. 
Follow these steps 
1. Select Start > All programs > Accessories. 
2. Click-right Run and login as Administrator.
3. Input ‘download’ in the command window box. 
If your computer received a valid reply, loop back address e.g. shall not be received.

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