Power Language Editor error message

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Hello to everyone, I’m new at using Power Language Editor so I would appreciate it if any of you could help me catch up on how things work. The exact problem I’m having is trying to install an indicator, and the message I get is this:

PowerLanguage Editor

Error occurred during import.

File: “C:[email protected] StuffTiG HTS.sef

Study: “(Function)”

Error code: 1”

Please give me as much details as possible. Thanks so much.

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Power Language Editor error message



The reason is that the indicator .sef file version of multicharts is different from your present version. As   For example  you may have take your indicator when you had the multicharts version 5 new you are having the problem when you are trying to install your old indicators in to  new multicharts 7. So what you need to do is that try to have the same version of .sef file and use same type of file every time. You can’t use two, different version at the same time as it is not supported. So try to use always the same version in any part of your work.


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