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Nyko showed another gaming products and this is the PS Vita Power Grip. What is the advantage and the purpose  of this Power Grip?

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The PS Vita Power Grip was announced by Nyko at the E3 2012 gaming convention. I believe it will be a great add-on for the PS Vita and add a lot of functionality. Some of the perks of this device include :

  • Retractable and adjustable grips. This will allow you to tote the Power Grip and save space in your backpack.
  • With the extended battery life offered with Power Grip, you will be able to play your Vita three times longer than normal.
  • The grips add a comfortable feel to the Vita. This way you will be able to play much longer without your hands getting tired.
  • The Power Grip is also going to make playing your favorite racing games a lot easier. It will feel like your holding a steering wheel, that's definitely going to help you make those tight corners.

The PS Vita Power Grip is only $29.99 and would make a great accessory for playing all your games.