Is this possible to GUI dual booting Screen?

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I have two PCs in First PC I have installed Linux and XP dual OS and in second PC I have installed Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. When I start any PC I get a 30 seconds waiting screen for Select OS. Linux-XP Dual OS PC Shows a GUI Screen for OS Selection, While XP-2003 Server PC Shows B/W Screen similar for OS Selection. I want to Set Windows multi OS Selection Screen in GUI Mode like Linux-Windows Dual Booting. I have Seen Some Multi-boot DVDs which have options in GUI Mode. Please help me and tell me how it is Possible to Access GUI dual booting Screen. The Boot.ini file in Root Drive (Mostly C Drive) can change timing of OS selection Screen and Display Name of OSs.

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Is this possible to GUI dual booting Screen?



To start with, I am assuming that the Linux and Win XP dual boot GUI that you get is because the Linux bootloader kicks in and presents option for Linux and XP boot and not the other way around. The problem is, any Windows OS before Windows 8 does not allow for GUI multi-boot.
I did a dual boot earlier of Windows 8 and 7 which worked like a charm and I got the nice Windows 8 GUI to select the OS. All prior Windows releases do not support this. 
For the multi-boot DVDs where you found a GUI, It would have been 3rd party custom bootloader and not Windows default. Also, the boot.ini file does not contain any controls over the mode of multi-boot (whether GUI or Console)
 Find a screenshot below:






So bottom line, upgrade to Windows 8 to get the beautiful serene blue OS selection screen.

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Is this possible to GUI dual booting Screen?



Your question is vital to all. I have explored the perfect solutions.

You should avoid the windows XP. Because In the windows XP you can’t able to customize the boot menu with graphical user interface.

You should install Ubuntu. Then you can customize the GRUB boot menu. It is seen at start up of the Linux operating system. To install Ubuntu you should write down the following command: sudo aptitude install startupmanager

After installation of the Ubuntu System you will go to system> Administration >StartupManager.

Then you can moderate the GRUM options as you want.



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