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We are using Lotus notes mailbox for client email service. We are currently using SLA to manage those emails. In large volume emails situation we miss few emails without any knowledge. We are looking for a pop up option that could show us the pending emails at a glance.

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It's too easy.
IBM’s Lotus Notes has the ability to display a popup message when you receive new email. This method only works for email hosted on a Domino Server and uses AMAP Online Internet Mail. If you are not sure whether your email meets this criteria, check with your organization’s system administrator.
  • In Lotus Notes, select “Preferences” from the File menu.
  • Expand the Mail option by clicking the “+” next to “Mail. ”
  • Select “Check for New Mail Every X Minutes. ” Set the interval, in minutes, for Notes to check for new mail.
  • Click “Display a Popup Alert” and click “OK. ”

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Inserting popup message is not difficult. Please refer the following steps to get popup message in Lotus Notes.

File menu >> Preferences >> click ‘+’ >>click ‘Check for New Mail Every X Minutes’ >> give the interval >> Select ‘Display a popup Alert’ >> OK.

By following these steps you can get email notifications for your Lotus Notes.