Pop.mail.yahoo.com popping simultaneously when installing MS-Outlook

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Hi Experts,

I just bought a new Acer Laptop with biometrics, fingerprint scanner to be exact. It is operating in Windows Vista.

Now, when I tried to setup my Microsoft Outlook 2007 with my free Yahoo mail classic, every time I try to send and receive, a pop up asking for my pop.mail.yahoo.com comes up never ending. I have to cancel every time for it to disappear.

I have checked on the web and it says that I have to make sure that on the Logon Information, the user name should not contain @yahoo.com, the remember password is checked and that the require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is not checked. My settings are the same as it mentioned, but the Enter Network password pop up still comes up.

Please help me.

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Pop.mail.yahoo.com popping simultaneously when installing MS-Outlook


Hi Susan,

Hope you are doing well.

  • You may try to double check the settings again for your POP 3.  Below are some steps to check it:
  • Yahoo POP3 and SMTP Settings:
  • “POP3 Server” – Set your POP server for incoming mails as pop.mail.yahoo.com. Please enable “SSL” and use 995 for Port.
  • “SMTP Server” – Set SMTP server for outgoing mails to smtp.mail.yahoo.com. Please make sure that “SSL” is enabled please use 465 for port. Please make sure that you also enable “authentication” for it to work.
  • “Account Name or Login Name” – This will be your Yahoo Mail ID example: your email address without  “@yahoo.com”.
  • “Email Address” – This will be your complete Yahoo Mail address example: email address with the “@yahoo.com”. Example: *****@yahoo.com
  • “Password” – This will be the password the you have setup with your Yahoo Mail.
  • If you are a Yahoo! Mail Plus user, you may need to set your POP server to plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com and  the SMTP server to plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com.

I Hope this guide will help you have everything working for your new laptop.

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Pop.mail.yahoo.com popping simultaneously when installing MS-Outlook



Enter Network Password pop-up everything you try to authenticate your email going in and out of server. Once password is rejected then this error comes up.

What needs to be done is to ensure your password is working. You may need to log-in to your Yahoo email first to check if your password works. If not then follow the steps of resetting the password of Yahoo email.

Open web browser, go to mail.yahoo.com
Click on forgot a password link
Enter your email address then next
Once email is entered, answer the corresponding SQA
Then a password will generate either it'll send it to you via mobile phone or password will generate on the screen
These are the steps to solved password issue

If password is correct, then go back go Outlook 2007 and enter the password on the password box. Click Ok and email messages should start coming in.

Hope this helps.

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