Please help! Adobe Flash Player Download Problem

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I am having trouble with my Internet Explorer. I can’t download Adobe Flash 9. I have tried a number of times but failed. Without the flash player viewing any flash content on the web is impossible. I am running on Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

I have gone through troubleshooting instructions and found out that the problem is not the security settings of Vista. I have checked the firewall and turned it off, uninstalled the antivirus I had and tried to download the flash player, it was not successful.

I have also followed a set of instructions I found on the net.

  1. Go to Computer
  2. Open Hard disk drive or Local Disk (C:)
  3. Open Program Files (x86)
  4. Open Internet Explorer
  5. Right click on iexplore.exe
  6. Choose create shortcut

Now you have two icons on your desktop. One is "Internet Explorer" which you use to run in 64 bit. The other is "iexplore.exe" which you use to run in 32 bit. You can use either icon to access the internet. Use the "iexplore.exe" icon to go to Adobe Flash Player and it will let you download.

I tried this out but got an error message, ”the installation was not successful”

Most probably the problem is with my computer, not the flash player.

I need a solution.


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