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I’ve just known about the newest version of PilotEdit Lite, version 5.6.0. Can anyone give me a clear idea about the HEX editor of this version?

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This is an amazing text editor that lets you open large files. This text editor lets you open and edit different files like text file, html file, php file, java file, and this is the best part, it includes a hex editor that supports opening of files that are larger than 50 GB.

This program even beat the text editor that I am currently using, AkelPad, which can also open these file types. But AkelPad doesn’t support opening of large file sizes.

As what was stated in its web site, PilotEdit 5.6.0 works on all Windows versions regardless of what edition you are using and the Service Pack it is running on. PilotEdit 5.6.0 supports these file types: C/C++ files, Java files, HTML files, XML files, Oracle SQL files, UNIX/Linux shell files, JSP files, TCL/TK files, BAT files, PilotEdit Script files, Javascript files, PHP files, ASP files, Assembly files, ASP.NET files, CSS files, Visual Basic files, Perl files, C# files, Python files, Ruby files, xHTML files, COBOL files, AHK script files, Inno Setup script files, and AutoIt script files.

To download PilotEdit 5.6.0, please visit PilotEdit — An Amazing File Editor.

Sharath Reddy