Software to convert picture resolution

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What are the plugins or programs used to convert a low resolution image to high resolution?

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Software to convert picture resolution



Hi T3d4ks,
Almost any image editor can do conversion from low resolution to high resolution using a variety of techniques Let’s review the top picks.
  1. Certainly on the top spot is Adobe Photoshop, a pixel based graphics editor that uses the .psd and .psb formats. It also has vector and raster based editing capabilities for .jpg, .png, .gif, and .eps. Almost anything can we done with this piece of software, like creating images from nothing, resizing, cloning, free hand drawing/painting and much more.
  2. Close on its heels is the open source equivalent GNU Image Manipulation Program, simply called The Gimp. It is categorized as a free raster based graphics editor. It’s features include retouching, resizing, image editing, converting to various image formats, cropping, photo montages, and creation of .gif images (a form of animated image).
  3. Not to be outdone by the two most popular, Google has come up with Picasa, which is not only an image editor but also a photo/album organizer that creates timelines for slideshow viewing. It carries with it basic functions like enhancement, red eye removal and image manipulation. It has integration for some online printing services. A special iPhoto plugin exists for the Mac version.
  4. Not to be outdone by the competition, some students from Washington State with Microsoft backing created Paint.NET which has evolved in 6 years to include features like layers, blending, and numerous plugins that are developed and supported by a large community of users.
  5. Adobe Lightroom is Adobe’s answer to Google’s Picasa. It specializes in photo editing at most with support for DSLR video an added bonus. Create stunning slideshows, reduce noise on photos, process images, fine tune colors, resize, crop, blur, sharpen, Lightroom has it all.
  6. Microsoft still has Windows Live Photo Gallery which is part of Windows Live Essentials 2011. The application not only organizes your photos into albums but also adds the capacity to edit them. Just run the app, double click on any photo you have, choose retouch and commence with editing. Just as simple as that.
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Software to convert picture resolution

You can change low resolution image to high resolution image but it depends on picture too. Let's say if your image is taken from a digital camera, it will b easy task. Almost all photo editing software convert low resolution picture to high resolution picture which I will mention below.
But if the image is taken from mobile phone, you can't change it to high resolution because as you will change the resolution, picture will become blur and image pixels will give checked look so image conversion is not really the issue. It depends upon picture quality. Usually mobile phones don't give a good image.
Here are some software which you can use to change image resolution.
1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Gimp
3. Picasa web

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