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My computer shuts down from time to  time. I checked the processor fan. it is working well. What could be the reason?

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Hey Upulchaminda!

The problem you are facing not a software problem. It is definitely a hardware problem that occurs due to overheating of system. Computer itself shuts down to prevent any loss or damages. There are three possible solutions to solve this problem.

1. Overheating:

Make sure that your system is at a place where the temperature is normal. If  there is high temperature or you are using your system in area  where heavy machines are producing lot of heats, so you have to use some cooling fans to solve this problem.

2. Power Supply:

Check your power supply whether it is working properly or not. If it is not working properly, replace it.

3. Bad RAM:

Last possible solution id bad Ram. Make sure your Ram is fine. Use some software like memtest to know the performance of your ram.


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To tell you directly, there are a lot of reasons why a computer keeps on shutting down.  First of all, is your antivirus software reliable?  Did you ever try of running the antivirus software and scanning all the file thoroughly?  Secondly, if you are using the computer for running intensive software such as PC games, the system would require more power than what is actually available hence leading it to shut down itself.  Also see to it that theoperating system and all hardware drivers are updated.

Perhaps you had installed softwares or devices which is not compatible to your computer OS. If you want to see if its compatible with your OS, please clickthe icon softwares for those devices and right click it to properties. Find the compatibility and run it to the recommended OS it uses.  You could also try checking the run in administrator because that usually fixes those errors.

Or perhaps your RAM cannot support some of your downloaded files

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One of the main reasons why a computer may keep shutting down is overheating. If the computer is overheating, it will automatically shut down in order to protect those vital parts that may otherwise be damaged by the heat.

So shutting down is a good thing. It helps protect your computer and your files. It's a safety measure not a fault!

Even the most non-technical computer user knows that a computer makes a noise from time to time. That noise is a fan designed to keep everything cool, and it works much as a thermostat may do on your central heating system. When the heat in your machine reaches a certain temperature the fan (or fans) will kick in to fan cooler air over the components, and as the heat reduces to the correct level the fan will switch itself off again.

If your fan seems to be coming on a lot, and staying on longer, it's a sign that you need to check things over.

The most obvious place to start are the vent holes or grids. All machines have them, and they're designed so that the fans can suck in cooler air from outside the case. Desktops are particularly susceptible to getting these holes blocked with dust. The unit is placed on the floor under a desk and forgotten about. It's time to bend your back and check the vent holes.

I've seen people take a duster and wipe a lot of dust off these slots, but if you do that, all you're really doing is pushing the dust to the inside of the case. Far better to take a hoover to it and vacuumed all the dust up.

Whilst you've got the hoover in your hand, take the side off your case and take a look at the fan (or fans) and you'll probably find that these are covered in dust too, and that makes them far less efficient.

WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING WITH THE HOOVER, give the whole lot a good hoover up and make sure all the dust is sucked up off your fan and from all the corners of your case.

Nine times out of ten these housekeeping measures will have your computer up and working OK in no time at all. It's very rare for a computer to keep shutting itself down due to software or hardware failure, and an accumulation of dust induced overheating is far more likely to be the problem.