PC hangs up and freezes when playing Minecraft and steaming games

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This past 3 or 4 days, my PC have encountered some problems during the game operation; it hangs up and freezes. I have noticed that this problem will occur during playing the minecraft; also, it happens on steam games (F1 2010 and Bad Company 2).

I did not try any other games because I assumed that the same problem will occur. Is it possible that the cause of this problem is the recently ran full virus scan, since I have not encountered this kind of problem before when I used the Avast? Please help me to solve this issue. Thank you so much.

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PC hangs up and freezes when playing Minecraft and steaming games



Hi Reynaldo, I have some information and i hope it will help you to answer your problem. As i read your question you are encountering a problem during the game operation it hangs up and freeze.

I will give some reason why this is happening the possibility of this is because of your computer having a high temperature from having a heavy activity in your processor this is actually the games.

You must consider also the specification of your computer as the system requirements for your games and you can check by clicking start and then run type DXDIAG it will indicate the specification of your computer if you cannot met the requirements of games that's will happen.

I advice if you want to have a very good condition when it comes to games your processor must be 2.4 GHz and above, your ram must be 1 GB and above, your video card must be 512 MB and above actually the games consume a high percentage of CPU that's why we need a better hardware but take note it cost expensive.

I hope it will help you and gain information to solve your problem.

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PC hangs up and freezes when playing Minecraft and steaming games


If you are running your game form a CD room then you need to install it first on your computer so that no error come in game also check that you are not getting problem in your CD Rom to fix this problem.

Second thing to do is to run a full virus scan to your computer and make sure there is no virus in your computer. Also check your VGA card and make sure that it contains enough memory to run this game.

If you are getting error in some game then make sure that this game is installed properly and make sure that you choose the best options while installing the game form CD.

Make sure that you are not using a trial version of software because it also stuck the game at any point due to limited usability. These are the points you can work around and you will be able to solve your problem.

Michal joran.

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