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How soon will it be out in the market worldwide and can a non NFC client still use this new add-on?

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Last month, Paypal launched their card reader called Paypal Here. It will allow merchants to accept any forms of payment like with Paypal account, swiping the card, check payment and even cash. It is currently available worldwide however it can only be used with Iphone and soon for android phones. You can get it but right now there is a waiting list.

On the hand, Paytag which is launched by Barclays, a small contactless payment card about one third of the size of a credit card that you can use for small purchases. It has an adhesive at the back where you can stick it to your mobile phone. It can be used with non-NFC mobile phone since it has a built-in NFC technology. Right now it is only available with Barclay customers and no news yet if it will be adapted by other banks.

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I am a PayPal user and the solution provided to Tamarajparnell's question is very useful to me too because i was looking for the answer too. Once again, thanks to for helping me again and again