Paying vs. Non-Paying Search Engines

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Search engines that we use evolved on most of the websites. For example, the Google Search Engine but it remains to be the most popular in the web because. It gives the end-user the information which they wanted to have.

Yet there are sites which we need to pay in order to produce good information.

Which search engines provides best for a good answer or information to the user? is it the paid search engine or the non-paying search engine?

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Paying vs. Non-Paying Search Engines


Hi Therese,

Google and yahoo search are far the most popular search engine available on the internet. They are free for anyone that has internet access. But they do also offer paid search options for clients who wants their services and information to be on top of the search list.

If you opt to use paid search engine service, they tend to provide better and great returns to your searches. This is because you have paid for the information to be available for you at all times.

Its major advantage is the you only pay when people click on the link. There is also a maximum limit set on the clicks.

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Paying vs. Non-Paying Search Engines


Hello Therese,

I used to search information from non-paying sites like google, yahoo, bing and etc. I am satisfied with the information and knowledge that I get.

For me, there is no need to go for paid search engines because there are many available information that you can get from non-paying search engine. Its just a waste of money and its just depends on you on how you utilize the information that you can get and initiative to resources available.

Thank you.


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