PatchTree Account Area Displaying Error

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Good Morning Buddies,

I want a solution. As you can see the attached image of an error this is my problem.
When I open Windows Vista home page and then click on documentation area I receive this error message that this area can be displayed in a current version.
Why does it say this while I have installed IE 8 and it works very fine and doesn’t give me any other error then why is this version not able to open this documentation area?
In order to display this area, a current version of Microsoft
Internet Explorer must be installed on your computer.
To install Microsoft Internet Explorer, please reinstall
Peachtree Accounting. You can also download this latest
version of Microsoft Internet Explorer at
I am surprised because when a newer version comes then it has all capabilities of the old version and some new abilities then why this version of IE doesn’t support that page. I can install all versions but first I want to solve this error that if there is any chances to view that area of the page in the same explorer then let me know.
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PatchTree Account Area Displaying Error



For your concern, I assume that you are using PeachTree Complete 2010. Now, before making any relevant changes, you have to save or create backup of your registry. This is common on Windows Vista, but may appears on Window XP as well. The reason why you’re getting this error message is that there is a need to modify or fix your registry, that’s why I strongly advise to back it up.
Follow these steps:
  1. First, confirm the version of your Internet Explorer. Open it, on the Help menu, click About Internet Explorer, it will display the version of your browser.
  2. Click on Run, (click Start and Run).
  3. Type “regedit”.
  4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerVersion Vector – locate this.
  5. Inside of this vector, there should be a IE String Value, if there is none, create one.
  6. Select New, String Value and name it IE.
  7. When you have created the new string, double click it, it should display 8.000 since you said earlier that you are using Internet Explorer 8. If the values are displaying a different one, go ahead and change it, make sure that you enter the value of the correct version of your Internet Explorer. (6.000 for IE6, 7.000 for IE7).
  8. Once you’ve made the correct changes, open Peachtree application again and it will not give you any error messages.
Well, that’s it and I hope I have assisted you.

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