Partition Magic Problem Error 114 At Startup

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I am trying to install PowerQuest Partition Magic 8.0 in Windows XP.

Every time I try to run the program it shows an error message

Error 114
PowerQuest Partition Magic has detected an error 114..
When I click “yes” or “no” then I am getting another error message:
Init failed: error 117 Partition’s Drive Letter Cannot Be Identified

And after I click ok Nothing happens

How can I solve this problem?

Please take a look at this Screenshots.

PowerQuest PartitionMagic has detected an error 114 on the partition starting at sector 61432623 on disk 1.

This logical partition begins more than one head away from the extended partition.

To fix this error PowerQuest PartitionMagic can simply write a new EPBR record for this logical partition.

Would you like PowerQuest PartitionMagicto fix this error?

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Partition Magic Problem Error 114 At Startup


Hi Mr. Mahbub,

  • This is not a major problem for computer. But sometimes we need to resize our partition as per our use. You also maybe want to this. Please remember before use partition magic, your computer must be virus free.
  • If you think that your computer is virus free then now install the software.
  • Here please check another thing is your Drive letter is showing as serially or there is a serial broken for Harddisk partition. Like C, D, E, F but some times we see that D drive is working for CD/DVD ROM Device. If so then please change your Drive letter and make it serial.
  • After that please run your Partition Magic
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Partition Magic Problem Error 114 At Startup


Does you hard drive have a Linux partition?

  • Partition Magic Error 114 is, unfortunately, an undocumented error code (it's not in the Partition Magic manual nor is it in the online manual).  Most instances of this error happen to people who dual-boot Windows and Linux.
  • The easiest solution is to download another partition manager.  There are many partition managers out there that are free but are just as good as Partition Magic.  One such partition manager is EASEUS Partition Master (
  • But if you would rather keep using Partition Magic, what you have to do is to delete your Linux partition or your Linux swap partition.  You'd still need another partition manager to delete the partition or you could load up your Linux Live CD and use its partitioning tool to delete the swap partition.

Hope this helps!

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Partition Magic Problem Error 114 At Startup


That error clearly indicates a problem with your partition. Normally, if your drive’s partition already has a problem, the program will immediately detect it and will try to offer a fix. The problem is that, the application itself is still getting installed so the attempt to fix it will just result to another error. In that state of your partition, PowerQuest PartitionMagic will never install.

If you really need to install PartitionMagic, what you need to do is to repartition your hard drive. The best way to do it is to do a clean install of Microsoft Windows. First, back up your data to a separate hard drive. Once everything is backed up, insert the Windows XP setup CD on the optical drive and restart your computer.

Boot your computer from the CD to install Microsoft Windows. Follow the normal install process. When you reach the part where you are prompted to select which partition to install Windows, delete all partitions on the list and then create a new one. You can set the size of the partition or just do it later. You can resize the partition later after installing Windows using PowerQuest PartitionMagic.

After installing Windows, install all the necessary drivers for your motherboard and other devices. Once everything is setup, install PowerQuest PartitionMagic. This should install now.

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