Partition Magic 7.0 Uninstall problems

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I am facing problem with Boot Magic 7.0 and Partition Magic 7.0. There are not many partitions. When Boot magic runs, it asks to select two OS – MSDOS or Windows XP.

As I want to uninstall it, it starts a Install Shield Wizard and this Wizard displays this error message


Unable to load DLL.
Pressing OK causes both programs to hang.
Can anyone help me?
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Partition Magic 7.0 Uninstall problems


One thing you could try is just install it again, then perhaps the DLL will exist. If so, the uninstall should work. For this Reinstall the program, reboot, then run uninstall from Add/remove. In this way perhaps DLL file will exit and you will be able to uninstall your Partition Magic 7. By installing it again any missing file will be installed and In this way uninstall will run smoothly. I hope this will help you.


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Partition Magic 7.0 Uninstall problems


Have you tried uninstalling it from the Add/Remove Programs? If uninstalling from Add/Remove programs don’t work then here’s what you should do:

The disk should be inserted. Let the setup auto play or run the program yourself. Once it started, it should ask you three options. To install, modify, or uninstall. Choose uninstall and that should do it.

If there’s no uninstall option, then you might have lost the DLL. If that’s so, install the program again. After the installation, you may try removing it again from the Add/Remove programs or run the program again and choose uninstall from the options.

Hope that helps!

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Partition Magic 7.0 Uninstall problems



Try to install the same program on the same location in order to replace any missing file. Then try to uninstall. Then try below steps:
To uninstall PartitionMagic:
• Disconnect from internet and stop your antivirus program.
• Go to  Start- > Run.
• Type ""Chkdsk"" and press enter.
• Go to Control Panel.
• Click Add/Remove Programs
• Select Partition Magic and remove it.
• Go to Start-> Run.
• Type ""Regedit"".
• Press enter.
• Find  ""HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession Manager.""
• In the right pane, double click on the “BootExecute” and delete the line that has “Xmnt2002”. 
• CHange other line to read this: autocheck auto chk.
• Click OK.
• Close “Regedit”.
To uninstall BootMagic:
• Disconnect from internet and stop your antivirus program.
• In the OS where BootMagic is installed, start Windows Explorer.
• Find C:Program FilesInstallShield Installation Information
• Delete {B838AD63-FD0C-482C-B124-7116748BAC45} folder.
• Click  YES.
• Close the window.
• Go to Start-> Run.
• Type ""%temp%"". and hit enter.
• Delete {B838AD63-FD0C-482C-B124-7116748BAC45} folder.
• Click YES. 
• Close all windows
• Go to Start-> Run.
• Type  “Regedit”.
• Select  My Computer in the left pane 
• Click Edit- > Find from the menu
• Copy this string: B838AD63-FD0C-482C-B124-7116748BAC45 and click to find next
• Delete the matching entry.
• Click Yes
• Continue searching – you can press F3 to search the same string again
• Delete all of this string (boot magic string)
• Close Regedit.
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Partition Magic 7.0 Uninstall problems


I think the following easy steps will help you to overcome the matter.

First of all start the Windows explorer from the operating system that Boot Magic 7.0 is installed (In your case Win XP).

We are going to Remove the Boot magic Related Files.

1. Go to C: drive and delete Btmagic.pq folder.

2. Navigate to C:Program FilesInstallShield Installation Information, find {B838AD63-FD0C-482C-B124-7116748BAC45} folder and delete it. Now exit from Windows explorer.

3. After that go to Start > Run and type %temp% to open the Temp folder for current user. Find the {B838AD63-FD0C-482C-B124-7116748BAC45} folder and delete it.

4. Now we approach the most important part. Exit from all Programs. Click Start > Run and type regedit. In the left-hand pane, click My Computer to highlight it. It's safe to back up your registry entries before editing. Click File > Export and save them in an appropriate place.

Then click Edit > Find and paste the following string in the Find What field:

  • B838AD63-FD0C-482C-B124-7116748BAC45

Click Find Next and When Regedit finds a matching registry key, press Delete. Confirm key Deletion and press F3 key to continue searching. You will have to repeat 8-10 times until all instances of Boot magic have been removed. Finally Exit.

Registry Editor and Reboot the computer.

If this is unclear please visit Link

Hope this will solve.

Good luck.

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