Panda end point Error 5000

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Hi great people of techyv, I am posting a problem here on installing panda, please refer first to the screen shot I pasted below.

   X  Connecting to the server

           Error 5000. Contact your administrator           Connection settings

      Getting configuration data

      Downloading signature file

      Downloading protection

      Installing protection

When I read on the error, it is pointing to my internet connection, when I checked my internet connection, it seems to be no problem at all, since I can browse the internet, it seems something is blocking the path to the server, so I checked on my firewall it is turned off, so I am now wondering, why from all application, only panda cannot get through the internet, please share some ideas on my issue, thanks for reading my post.

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Panda end point Error 5000



Panda end point error 5000 can displayed at any step during installation.

  • This error occurred because of network problem (failure of net).
  • Or old version of software. Because when the installer software version not match with the software installed at the host point also this message is occurred.
  • Install new updated installer and 
  • Your firewall should be off.
  • Date and time should be correct.
  • Now restart the computer after restarting your problem will be solved,
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Panda end point Error 5000


Hi Jamyjolts,

The error you mentioned might occur while installing PMOP: Error 5000. Consult your

Although it has been detected in the server connection phase, this error can occur in any installation phase.

1. Check the Internet connection is operative.
2. Check the other computers on the network are detected.
3. Make sure there is no firewall blocking the network traffic.
4. Make sure the computer date is correct.
5. Restart the computer.

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Panda end point Error 5000


I’m sorry but it is not possible that you will get a connection problem on your installation with Panda and yet you can access the internet. When installing any antivirus program or any application, in general, the program that is being installed will use the default internet connection that is active on the computer.

If during the time when the program is being installed and it needed access to the internet which the computer can’t provide because of a problem on the connection or there is no internet connection, this error pops up. The best way to deal with this issue is to fix the internet connection first and verify the connection.

Disconnect and then reconnect the network cable or the internet cable at the back of the CPU. After this, verify your internet connection by opening a website on your web browser. Once your connection is verified, restart the installation with Panda. If you have a license for Panda Endpoint, download the latest from Panda Endpoint Protection.

In case the installation still won’t connect to the server with the same error on your screenshot, try adding the installer to the exclusion list of Windows Firewall to make sure the firewall itself is not blocking the installation. To do this, click Start, Control Panel, and then double-click Windows Firewall. Select Exceptions tab. Click Add Program then click Browse.

Navigate to the location of the Panda installer, select it, and then click Open. Click OK all through out. Restart the installation. The installation should be able to connect to the server now.

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