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Hello i'm facing problem regarding paltalk which i have just installed on my system. I'm using windows 7 and paltalk version that i have installed is 10.0

saying "Login problem Unable to connect (tc-2120)".

Kindly help me out to solve this issue.

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Hi friend,

Ok then you needs to try some other option for log in or connect Paltalk. In order to do these follow this steps

1.       First open your browser and connect the internet.

2.       Now go to this location Download Link1

3.       Register and then download the program. There is a download link of security kiss. Download will automatically start.

4.       Install this security kiss software.

5.       Now try to connect internet with this. In port selection sector try to use USA or Germany port

6.       If you use USA or Germany port it will connect automatically.

7.       Now you need Paltalk Express software. Download it from here Download Link2

8.       With Paltalk Express create a new id.

Now try to log in a room. If you can then uninstall security kiss and use your previous Paltalk software.

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First of all I need to know about your location. If you are in Pakistan than it will usually show you the error, other than that it can be solved easily. Like just download securityKISS install it and it will be allow you to connect through this. As Tony told. Also there are another way you can use, and that is download gpass1 from this link

now open this gpass and from that open SockCap V2 open the settings and give the Socks sever as and add port as 8000 select the attempt local then remote than apply it and open paltalk from SocksCap.

It will work. Please inform if that work. This way I solved it once.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.