PageMaker 6.5 with faulty Plugin

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Hello friends,

My PageMaker 6.5 is acting out when I use a certain plug-in. The plug-in is called Build Booklet. Whenever I use this, I get an error message with the technical code #7214 and the function is not completed. Another annoying error code, which is PM65, always seem to show up with the plug-in. 

Can you guys tell me how to resolve these error codes? I really want to get rid of them. 

Thanks in advance.

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PageMaker 6.5 with faulty Plugin


Hello Xyjimenez,

This plug-in came with some errors. The latest version produced was developed to solve those problems. Try the following. To solve this problem, you need to download the latest released Build Booklet plug-in which solves the previous problems. Start downloading the application from this link.

After downloading the exe file, double click on the exe file to access the file’s contents.

Then quit the pagemaker. Then move the Bldbklt.add file into PM65Rsrc\Plugins folder. This is where the language version of PageMaker is installed. If a Bldbklt.add file already exists in this location, replace it.

Now restart the pagemaker.

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PageMaker 6.5 with faulty Plugin



You will need to verify that when you installed the plug-in it managed to install successfully, for the error you are getting is possibly due to the plug-in malfunctioning during installation.

Try the following resolutions:

  • First check to ensure that the plug-in is compatible with the PageMaker 6.5 that you are using. In case they are not, you will need to uninstall them and then download the ones that are.
  • Also try installing the most recent version of Adobe PageMaker and see if that will help resolve the issue that you are getting.

Hope this helps.



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