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I use four main features of Outlook and these are the Calendar, Contacts, Notes (which are also called as “Memos”) and Tasks. My question is; will all of these features sync with an iPhone? I thought I heard that iPhone does not allow Notes/Memos to be sync. I even heard that maybe the Tasks part does not also sync with iPhone. If those parts do not sync with an iPhone, are there any applications that allow these parts to sync?

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Hey Faye,

Naturally your system cannot access from iPhone own programs. But you have some alternative options. If you like to carry a Memory Card for saving essential documents like: contacts, dates, memos. You can use it for year after year.

1. The phone backup folder can solve your document saving. You should have online connection during backup. Before it done, IMEI and card number must register as legal users. Then all of mobile can support your back up file.

2. But sync with iPhone will possible. It will better by PC sync with outlook configuration. So you can try these one of options and make solutions.