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 I have Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit International English- Office 2013 Professional Plus 32 bit English and WinZip 17 64 bit. When I launch Outlook 2013, I get the following error message. Any help would be appreciated.


Error Message: What happened:

WinZipAddin.Outlook.AddinModule error: the add-in has fired an exception

Where presumably this happened:

An error occured in the code of Add-in Express .NET (MS Office) library. See 'Details' section to get more detailed information about the error

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Hi Ronald,

                This error often occurs when you have installed an add-in recently, it creates changes and may cause issue regarding opening Outlook. You can launch Outlook using a switch command line “Outlook.exe/safe” and disable each add ins from File > Options > Add ins. This will help you isolate which add in is causing the problem. You can test this by restarting Outlook and then check if there are any changes.