Windows Defender Error 0x800705b4, Timeout Period Expired

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I am using Microsoft Vista at home for my out of office work, when I scanned my computer for virus, the error I pasted below appeared.

This operation returned because the timeout period expired. (Error Code: 0x800705b4)

When I saw the error, I immediately restarted my computer to have a fresh start. After doing so, I again scanned my computer for virus, but the same error appeared on my screen. By the way I am using Microsoft defender as my antivirus. I remember before this error came, I updated my Windows Vista, after which this error is always flashing my screen.I don't have any idea about the steps in solving this problem. Please share some ideas on my problem.


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Windows Defender Error 0x800705b4, Timeout Period Expired



First of all, Windows Defender is not an Antivirus. Windows Defender is a Spyware software. But you can use Microsoft Security Essential as an Antivirus and you can get it free from Microsoft's website.

Now come to the problem.  You may have other security software installed directly or indirectly. You have to clean those security software by uninstalling the software. But some time it happens that we find nothing in the Program Uninstaller .

So you may need to download  some security clean up software. Here I am placing a link to uninstall BitDefender or even  you can search for  it  in Google.
Hope it works for you .


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Windows Defender Error 0x800705b4, Timeout Period Expired




I am not a Vista user anyway but seems easier  to choose other antivirus system. Just to mention some free ones: Avast ! , Avira antivirus ; and  AVG , NOD32 , Norton Antivirus which are not for free but once you pay for the license  them the free virus databases are able – to- download. These programs are very potent and keep away almost every harmful program. Maybe emails viruses as well as showing noticed harmful websites too.

According to another approach however you said that update your Vista , maybe the refreshment is not respected with your actual antivirus program. You are maybe looking for other refreshments for your Operation System available.



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