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How can I import an INPAGE (A software used for Urdu word processing) file into COREL DRAW?

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Importing the inpage (software for urdu composing) data into coral draw is possible and it is actually very easy. Open inpage file into your computer & write whatever you need than copy the text with the Pointer, Now open Corel Draw and Paste it than press F4 key.

The most important thing to remember is that in Urdu software you must open Inpage first and then Corel Draw, if you do the opposite by opening Corel Draw first and then you open Inpage then it will not work for you.

Hope it helps you finding the solution to your problem.

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you can import an Inpage file into Corel draw by following the simple steps:

1- First you need to Open Inpage.

2- Draw a box as per your requirement to write in.

3- Type Urdu sentences or anything that is required by you. Always choose a small font while typing

4- Now when done typing select the box press ctrl+C 

5- Open Corel draw now, in the new document press ctrl+V 

6- Shrink the size of the image as per your requirement

This will solve your problem.