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A question regarding, Microsoft Office Publisher alternative.

Can I open .pub files using an open-source software? What are other means to have this file opened?


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I am very sorry to inform you that there is no way of opening .pub files in open source environment as it is. There is a software called scribus in open source environment that mostly similar to the Microsoft Publisher. But they do not provide the facility to open .pub files in that software scribus.

You can get more details about the scribus from here

You can download it from here

Otherwise there are converters that can convert .pub file in to other formats. From that you can only read it.

There is no way to convert .pub files even into open office file type.


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Epub files are generally made for e-books. But there is no built-in software to open the fiel in windows. The only solution to open is to buy Microsoft Publisher and install it on your PC. T o open an epub file with publisher follow the steps:-

1. Open Microsoft Publisher.

2. Go to Files tab and select Open.

3. Choose your file from your directory and then you can read it.