One or more skins could not be accessed due to security

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Hello Pro,

While I am working with Adobe Flash Player, I tried to access the skins but I ended up with an error message. The error says that one or more skins could not be accessed due to security. For your information, the skin folder has been added as Flash Player local content. How do I solve this error message? Help please. Thanks.


Skin Security Error

Skin security error- one or more skins couldn’t be accessed due to security. If prevlewing locally, make sure that the skin folder has been added as trusted Flash Player local content (see manual).

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One or more skins could not be accessed due to security


If you are a developer and working on some skins for your application, you are probably working on FLV or SWF content that is normally set up on the internet. In the course of the development, it is necessary for you to test it while the content is saved locally instead of deploying it on a web server.

And because of this, for security reasons, Flash Player prevents SWF and FLV content saved locally from gaining access to the internet and likewise, it also prevents the FLV and SWF content on the web from gaining access to your computer. So, this is probably what’s happening to you. You can fix this problem using the Trusted Location Settings panel.

You can use this panel to authorize your FLV or SWF content as trusted. And if the content is trusted, it is not subject to the security rules preventing access both locally or on the internet. To do this, go to Advanced panel. In Developer Tools, click “Trusted location settings” and then hit Add.

Browse to the location of your trusted content or in your case, since you are working on skins, if all skins are stored in a folder select the folder to make all the skins inside the folder trusted. Next, click Confirm to add the folder to the list of trusted locations.

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