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Onavo Extend is a free application which saved money on your data plan by compressing not crypted data between your device and the web. I'm curious about how well this works with video streaming. Can I still save money on my data plan?

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It's a free app that lets you save money on your data plan by compressing unencrypted data between your device and the web. The result is that you consume up to five times less data -- convenient when you're on a tiered / capped data plan, when you're roaming abroad or when you're on a slower 2G network. In addition, the app keeps track of how much data (and money) you save and which apps use that data. This works by setting up a local proxy server (and changing your APN), then connecting to the company's back end which accesses the internet on your behalf.

You can save from this app:

  • Less data – less cost
  • No more overage fees
  • Worry-free roaming

    Onavo Extend lets you get more out of your data plan, so you can do more web browsing and apps, consume more music, video and photos on 3G without breaking your data cap.

    After you install Onavo Extend you can go back to using your phone or tablet as before. In the background, data usage from all apps and web browsing is compressed so that you do more with your Android’s mobile data month after month. And, if you travel abroad with your phone, the money you save could be substantial.