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I have Windows Vista and am trying to upgrade to Windows 7 but Vista will not allow me to do it and gives me a message saying I have to uninstall Omnipass from my computer.

Now I don’t know what or where the software is. I tried the Control Panel and could not find it and I also tried the program files folder and the device manager but both were of no help.

Can you tell me where this software is so I can uninstall it and upgrade my computer?

Between, I also ran a full virus scan on my computer and it came up clean.

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Omnipass is a single-sign in utility to manage secure access of your passwords. I assume your system is a laptop and has a fingerprint scanner for secure access. Then the Omnipass is installed with the driver for the fingerprint scanner.

According to the guide on this link to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 it is required to remove Omnipass version 5 and then to install version 6. If you cannot find Omnipass in your Add/remove Programs list, you may try uninstalling in the fingerprint reader drivers and software.

If it still doesn’t solve the issue, you may try Windows Installer CleanUp Utility found here.

You can also try the third party tool Perfect Uninstaller which can be downloaded.

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First you go to the add/remove programs. It must begin the registry. Now download the registry search tool from here:-

Unzip it to your desktop and double click on research. vbs (if you have script protection, please allow this to run)

In the dialog that opens enter the following:-


Click 'OK'.

The search takes some time and when it will finish it reminds you.

Then click 'OK'.

After that you will find the content (omniPass software) in wordpad window.

This way you can solve your problem.

Now by this way you can remove/uninstall the omnipass software from your computer:-

First copy this below content to notepad.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Softex OmniPass]

Now click file and then click Save As. You have to change the Save As type to all files. Put the name of the file as fixSOP.reg. Now click Save. Save it to your desktop so you can easily find it.

After that double click on the fixSOP.reg file on your desktop. It prompts to add in the registry.

You just say 'yes'.

This process can completely remove omnipass from add/remove program.

By this way you can uninstall omnipass from your computer.